Stereo Reform stacks up the beats between slices of funk and disco

This is an awesome article in Charleston City Paper on my recent productions with Will Evans and Neil Turner from Stereo Reform. Super proud of the way this album came out. Had a blast guys.

"Stereo Reform’s Neil Turner wants to make one thing clear. His Greenville-based dance-friendly outfit is not a Katy Perry tribute band, and he told us as much in November 2011, back when Stereo Reform first began their electro transition. Ironically, one year after we first spoke, Turner and his bandmates were putting the finishing touches on an album with Bravo Ocean, the Atlanta-based, Grammy-nominated production duo behind Perry’s Teenage Dream."


May 10th 4:40a.m. Mockingbird logs:

Dear mockingbird or whatever you are,

It’s been weeks and you refuse to let me sleep. I’ve counted 50 different chirps in the past 2 minutes. Outstanding. Bravo. I understand you are an expert at mimicking car alarms but practicing at 4 a.m is beginning to become intolerable. I have lost 9lbs and beginning to lose sensation in my left pinky. I’ve developed a nervous twitch in my left eye lid and find myself talking to Fanny, my ceiling fan. The only positive outcome is that I have beaten my high score of 1,000,000 points in Temple Run. Let it be known, I have “unfriended” you on Facebook. Your voice echoes in my head. And as your haunting silhouette appears everywhere, I have lost the ability to ever use Twitter again. Tomorrow morning your babies may or may not have flown away.